A Few Tweaks

//A Few Tweaks

A Few Tweaks

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So check it: a post that’s not about abolition.  Seriously.  This is about, like, web design or something.  The only abolition-related thing I’ll mention is that I have a new menu item off to the left (or hidden above if you’re on a small device) that organizes a few posts and resources on abolition.  Oh yeah, I also finally found a place to put my A//A Redeemed logo – also to the left, just scroll down.  You mobile users can see it if you open the menu up top – not quite as pretty, but still not bad.

Beyond that, the biggest tweak to the site is that I finally got a separate domain for the blog!  Check it: redeemedalive.com.  Now I can put that on dropcards business cards and stuff.

Some of you might be wondering why I keep saying ‘check it’.  I’ve decided to start talking like a gansta’ on here; I think it makes me sound more credible.  Actually, the real reason is because it’s 3:00 in the morning, and for some reason I’m writing a blog post instead of sleeping.  I’ve always lived a balanced life, that’s for certain.  Thuggin’ it on the real, yo.

Here are some of the domains I turned down:

  • myredeemed.life
  • myredeemed.country
  • liferedeemed.us
  • oneredeemed.us
  • lambredeemed.us
  • redeemedofgrace.com
  • abolition.life

That last one wasn’t actually for the blog; I was just curious if anyone had taken it yet, once I saw the .life extension.  Really tempted to grab it, but I don’t really have any good use for it right now.

Speaking of non-abolition posts, I’m tossing around the idea of doing some more work on Shadow Covenant Theology.  It’s been almost a year of silence on that front, and I’m actually starting to encounter some good, abolition-related reasons to continue the series (abolition relies on an understanding of biblical law, and an understanding of biblical law is heavily influenced by one’s understanding of redemptive history).

It was a good time to take a break though.  I was about to start breaking down the shadow covenant, but Abraham’s life was throwing me for a loop – it didn’t fit perfectly with my framework.  After nine months of prayer on the matter and an additional church perspective, however – we are actually studying Abraham’s life in Calvary Central Bucks, and it all fits now!  You’ll never guess – there’s actually a shadow covenant INSIDE of the shadow covenant!!  !!!

Abraham’s life is a type of Israel’s history, and Israel’s history is a type of redemptive history.  God is such a GENIUS, ugh!  I love that guys’ WORD!  To the people, yo!

Okay gangsta’ Nate is going to bed cya.