Letters To Rae

Letters To Rae

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So the other day, at the request of several very confused abolitionists, I changed my Facebook name back to my real name.  It was a big step for me.  Hopefully I won’t be stalked by any rabid abortion advocates, or mugged in the streets now that they have my identity ;-).  That did almost happen in OK, actually, but that’s a different story.

I changed it last year, because I needed to use my real name to infiltrate Planned Parenthood.  In the event that anyone looked me up on Facebook, I wanted to ensure that my abolitionist activities could not be connected back to me.

It all ended up being just an exercise, in the end; we decided that for the time being, there are more effective things we can be doing to fight abortion than espionage.  But it produced an interesting chapter in my life, and introduced me to a young woman named Rae.

She isn’t the woman pictured above; that’s Abbie, my sister.  I just like that picture because it shows how effective we abolitionists can be at flying under the radar, being all sneaky-like.  That guy off to the left – that’s me.  I’ll bet you didn’t even recognize me behind those shades.

Anyway, Rachel is a young woman who works for Planned Parenthood, the woman who met with and vetted me when I applied to volunteer.  Her real name isn’t Rachel; I’d like to give her the dignity of anonymity on this blog.  But she is a prayer point for me, and if you’re willing, I’d like to make her a prayer point for you too.  This young woman is often on my heart as someone I’d like to see on the other side of eternity, so please pray for her as often as the Lord brings her to mind.

I am going to bring her to mind at least nine times on this blog as I publish this post about our history, followed by eight letters to Rae that I sent her to share the gospel.

Our History

Rachel and I have something of an unusual history, filled with espionage, creepy letters, murdered children and a visit from the postal police.  It started when I ran across a form online inviting people to volunteer for Planned Parenthood.  I had already been praying about seeking out an opportunity like this, so I filled out the form, and prayed that God would open doors if He wanted anything to come from it.

I swapped a couple emails with Rae (I actually thought from her name that she was a man, until I met her, lol).  We determined to meet for coffee, to discuss some infiltration volunteer opportunities, and the meeting lasted about thirty minutes.

In that time, I learned some valuable things about Planned Parenthood, and was given ample opportunities to learn more.  But beyond the tactical benefits gained, I learned something fascinating about this particular employee – she actually seemed to understand that abortion is wrong.  Not in the Romans 1 way, where everybody knows the law in their hearts, but the wicked suppress the truth in unrighteousness.  Rather, she seemed to be cognitively wrestling with the matter as we spoke.

She didn’t say as much of course; that was all taken from body language, intonation, sentence structure etc.  When I asked her what services Planned Parenthood provides, she described a series of seemingly benign offerings, followed at last by a pause, a look of choked shame, “and abortion services.”  From the impression I got, Rachel actually seemed to understand that abortion is wrong on some level, and that contradiction with her choice of employment fascinated me.

So I Facebook-stalked her – like crazy – for several hours the following day.  Totally not ashamed to say that; I figure that all rights to privacy are forfeit when you choose to kill children for a living.  She recently graduated from college, is probably post-abortive, angry, probably hurt by a man at some point in her life, although she does seem to have a decent relationship with her father.  She posted this quote from Grey’s Anatomy, among other things:

Grey's Anatomy Quote

I found several fault lines in her character sketch that could make her open to seeing light.  She is Jewish, but is perpetrating a holocaust of her own.  She cares about racial equality, but didn’t know the history of the Christians who fought for the bedrock of racial equality in this country.

It was an interesting study in understanding a person, but in the end I had to shelve all of the information as we decided not to pursue the opening of espionage.  Nevertheless, the Lord kept burdening me with this poor young woman’s soul, caught in the lies of Satan and bound by her own sin.  Finally, as December approached, I decided that spying and Facebook-stalking weren’t creepy enough, so I drafted eight anonymous Chanukah gifts and letters to Rae, to ensure she had the gospel before I departed from her life.

It’s far enough in history now that I think I can share the letters publicly without any problem.  Several weeks after I sent the last letter, I was approached by the postal police; Rae was creeped out enough that she wanted to make sure no one was planning to kill her or anything.  But while they were here, trying to gauge my sanity, the main officer told me that from his estimation, she seemed to have genuinely heard the message, and was simply afraid of me.

So pray for her.  Rachel is a woman that I would love to see around the throne of the Lamb.  Over the next several weeks I’ll be posting the letters that I sent to her.  If you are a woman, guilty of abortion, know that you too can find healing, forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ.

Letters can be navigated via the quick links at the bottom of each letter.  Additionally, the letters are linked and briefly described as follows:

  1. Judaism and the Gospel
  2. My Failings
  3. The Abolitionists
  4. Rachel’s Failings
  5. All I Have Is Christ
  6. Faith and Works: Rivalry of the Ages
  7. Faith that Works: Modern Abolition
  8. Abiding in Christ

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