Activate: Getting Started With Abolition

As the world grows darker, the people of God are rising up to shine the light of Christ on the evil of our age. Learn the basics of abolition through the Activate learning series below.

What Abolitionists Believe

What a person believes has great impact on what he/she accomplishes. Learn the five tenets of abolitionism that brought about the abolition of slavery, ideas that are driving the abolition of abortion today.

What Abolitionists Believe

What Abolitionists Say

Abolitionist rhetoric typically has two purposes.

  1. Demonstrate the insanity and death of worldly thinking.
  2. Demonstrate the consistency and life of biblical thinking.

This series contains primers on common abolitionist arguments that we use to engage with people in the culture, the Church, the legislature, and other domains of interest concerning repentance and trust in Christ.

What Abolitionists Say

What Abolitionists Do

In this series we walk through some common abolitionist tactics, lessons learned, and best practices on how to push the culture toward the abolition of abortion.

What Abolitionists Do

Abolition: A Christian’s Duty

Many Christians instinctively recognize that they have a God-given duty to help the needy and the oppressed. In a culture where the neediest people are the 1,000,000+ people being killed by abortion every year, they understand that Jesus does not give us the option to walk by these children on the other side of the road as they bleed into the ground (Luk 10:25-37).

Many Christians know that they should do something, but they don’t know where to begin. The Activate series is designed to give you a simple, free way to educate yourself about the abolition of abortion, and to make an impact on the people in your social network.

Five minutes out of your day can save the child of someone you know. Join the great social campaign to help shift the culture’s perspective on abortion toward repentance and trust in Jesus Christ.

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