Five Tenets of Abolitionism

//Five Tenets of Abolitionism
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Discover the five central ideas that are revolutionizing the battle against abortion today.

Tenet 1: Biblical

Powerful movements are not created by organizations or clever individuals; powerful movements are grounded in powerful ideas. The most powerful idea ever spoken became flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus Christ, the Word of God incarnate (Jhn 1). Jesus taught that anyone who hears His words and puts them into practice is wise, whereas those who reject His word are foolish builders…

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Tenet 2: Gospel-Centered

Abortion is sin, and the only way to abolish sin is the gospel, through repentance and faith in the finished work of Christ.

Often pro-life activists will exclude the gospel from their efforts because those with whom they are engaging don’t believe in the Bible, and it is therefore concluded that they must be won over by reason built on common ground. However, Jesus says that there is no neutrality, and no common ground between those who are with Him, and those who are not…

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Tenet 3: Body-Driven

When abolitionists say that the removal of evils in a culture is to be body-driven, we mean two things by this statement.

First, if the cure for abortion and other evils is the gospel of Jesus Christ, then abolition can only be carried out by those to whom the gospel has been entrusted (Mat 28:19-20). The body of Christ alone is empowered to be salt and light in a dark world (Mat 5:13-16); we alone expose evil by our light (Eph 5:6-11); we alone destroy the ungodly thinking that defends evil (2Co 10:3-5); we alone can carry out the work of abolition…

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Tenet 4: Immediate and Uncompromising

The key doctrine which distinguishes abolition from rival approaches to national sin is known as immediatism; the opposing view is called gradualism, or incrementalism.

As an illustration of the conflict between these two schools of thought, pro-life activists and legislators will put forward laws stating that it should be illegal to kill a child once she has a heartbeat. This kind of bill is marketed as an attempt to save some children, as a step toward gradually abolishing abortion. Abolitionists on the other hand will oppose this bill because it does not completely, immediately abolish abortion.

The resistance of abolitionists to incremental measures can seem like nonsense — why would someone who loves children and opposes their murder be against a law that protects at least some children? Aren’t incremental measures a good thing to enact, on the way to complete and total abolition?

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Tenet 5: Providential

Abolitionists trust in the providence of God rather than the pragmatism of man.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand upright. (Psa 20:6-9)

Some of the greatest military assets in the ancient world were chariots and horses. Yet the psalmist views them as irrelevant when the true and the living God is on his side. In the same way, we choose to trust God’s word while making war with the kingdom of darkness, even when such trust appears misplaced to worldly thinkers.

Abolitionists receive a lot of criticism for standing on scripture alone in our approach to national sin. Refusing to compromise in civil legislation, insisting on the gospel as the only cure for sin, and calling the local church to repentance are all often viewed as impractical, rash, or poorly thought out decisions that need to be curbed by the greater wisdom of moderate thinkers, such as those in the pro-life movement…

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Five Tenets of Abolitionism
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Five Tenets of Abolitionism
Looking to the abolitionists of slavery, discover the five central ideas that are revolutionizing the battle against abortion today. Abolition is 1. Biblical, 2. Gospel-Centered, 3. Body-Driven, 4. Immediate and Uncompromising, and 5. Providential.
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