Refuting “My Body My Choice”

//Refuting “My Body My Choice”
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Refuting “My Body My Choice”

“It’s my body my choice” is a common pro-abort slogan that reveals just how unthinking our culture has become. People who use this slogan typically believe one of two ideas.

  1. A baby is part of his/her mother prior to birth, thus removing a baby is like removing an appendix.
  2. A baby is distinct from his/her mother, but is using the mother’s body without permission, like a parasite.

The first idea, that a baby within the womb is a body part, can be addressed by asking the following questions:

“Do you believe therefore that during pregnancy, a mother has four arms, two hearts, twenty toes, or two distinct strands of DNA?”

“If a mother conceives a male child, does she therefore have two sexes during pregnancy?”

These questions help to highlight the fact that we are dealing with two distinct human organisms during pregnancy, and that the rights of both people need to be protected. “It’s my body my choice” can be helpfully refuted by the the rebuttal, “The body inside your body is not your body.”

The second idea — that a baby is distinct from her mother, but is a parasite if unwanted — leads to the devaluing of all human life, not just that of preborn children. A newborn infant is dependent on her mother’s body for milk, and/or other resources provided by parents and caregivers (e.g. formula, shelter, clothing) through converting human work into those resources. If a parent decides that the child is a parasite, and stops providing those resources, the child will starve, or die from exposure, or be killed by wild animals etc., because she cannot care for herself. Similar things can be said about toddlers, elderly people, critically disabled people, or anyone else who depends on the help of another person for survival.

Is it therefore permissible to murder the elderly, the disabled, or the young when we no longer want to support them? This is where such reasoning leads when we place a person’s value on his/her independence.

The true value of a human being rests in the fact that we are created in God’s image (Gen 9:6), and we are therefore commanded by Jesus to love our neighbors without discrimination (Luk 10). The slogan “It’s my body, my choice” is dehumanizing and ageist, propagating the idea that young children are less human, and therefore can be murdered by their parents.

If you or anyone you know has already murdered a child by trusting in the lie of the enemy, know that there is forgiveness for the sin of abortion, and new life in Jesus Christ alone.

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Many Christians instinctively recognize that they have a God-given duty to help the needy and the oppressed. In a culture where the neediest people are the 1,000,000+ people being killed by abortion every year, they understand that Jesus does not give us the option to walk by these children on the other side of the road as they bleed into the ground (Luk 10:25-37).

Many Christians know that they should do something, but they don’t know where to begin. The Activate series is designed to give you a simple, free way to educate yourself about the abolition of abortion, and to make an impact on the people in your social network.

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