Refuting “No Uterus No Opinion”

//Refuting “No Uterus No Opinion”
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Refuting “No Uterus No Opinion”

Often, men are told that they should have no voice on the subject of abortion, because it is supposedly a women’s health issue. Like much pro-abortion rhetoric, this completely obfuscates and ignores the rights of the child which are being trampled upon, and the rights and duties of all people to protect the rights of all people.

The following are a few simple, useful rebuttals.

“In the United States, roughly half the children murdered by abortion are male; am I not allowed to speak out on their behalf?”

“If only women are allowed to speak about abortion, does that mean you also believe only black people are allowed to speak about slavery? What about all of the white abolitionists who stood up for african rights?”

The first rebuttal is effective in returning the discussion to the real issue — the rights of the child who is being murdered. The second rebuttal is effective in highlighting the fallacy of the pro-abortion rhetoric, by showing that people are in fact allowed to speak on issues of right and wrong which impact other social groups, of which the speaker is not a part.

Like all pro-abortion rhetoric, “no uterus no opinion” is a smokescreen used to obfuscate the truth about abortion, and it gives men an excuse to disregard genocide and remain on the sidelines of this culture war.

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Many Christians instinctively recognize that they have a God-given duty to help the needy and the oppressed. In a culture where the neediest people are the 1,000,000+ people being killed by abortion every year, they understand that Jesus does not give us the option to walk by these children on the other side of the road as they bleed into the ground (Luk 10:25-37).

Many Christians know that they should do something, but they don’t know where to begin. The Activate series is designed to give you a simple, free way to educate yourself about the abolition of abortion, and to make an impact on the people in your social network.

Five minutes out of your day can save the child of someone you know. Join the great social campaign to help shift the culture’s perspective on abortion toward repentance and trust in Jesus Christ.

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