The Great Social Campaign

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The Great Social Campaign

During the abolition of slavery, the abolitionists launched a “great postal campaign” to the southern states, to distribute biblical ideas about the evil of chattel slavery. This war of ideas was foundational to ending slavery in the United States.

All sin is ultimately rooted in false ideas — a belief that leaving God’s way of life will lead to our happiness, rather than our demise. In the present age, ideas are most readily exchanged through social media; thus abolitionists are waging a “great social campaign” to flood the internet with biblical ideas about abortion, and the forgiveness that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

You can help with this endeavor. If you provide us with your email address, we will send you a series of articles to share online, periodically over the course of a few weeks. Most articles take less than 5 minutes to read, and many have a video version. By reading the articles, you can further educate yourself on how to end legalized abortion and related national sins. By sharing the articles, you will challenge the thinking that supports abortion. Some of your friends will think twice before killing their children, and a few may even choose to help with the great social campaign.

Thank you for taking a stand for those children who cannot defend themselves. In Christ,
— Nate