Empathy Weeps

Empathy has heard of sorrow; she read about it once in the libraries of Alán. Her own parents lived through the age when death reigned over the heavens and the earth, but like all bearers descending from the ancients, Empathy does not personally understand the experience of pain.

Something is changing, however. Out of all of the star systems which could occupy his attention, the high king is visiting Mother’s world – and seeking Empathy! As they walk together, he tells her of the coming sorrow, and she is faced with an impossible decision resting in the one thing she could never refuse.

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Ex Nihilo

Allison’s life contains a hint of normalcy — she works a steady job, loves her friends, and is searching for the man of her dreams. Unlike most women however, she only knows the man from her dreams, where they hunt one another until dawn.

When a letter arrives linking her rival to Ex Nihilo, a small bioengineering firm in the shadows of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, her dreams come to life as their conflict becomes terrifyingly real. Haunted by ghosts from her past and an uncertain future, Allison must learn the truth about the hunter before he reaches everyone trapped in the halls of Ex Nihilo.

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