I would like to dedicate this book to my good friends, Liz and Allen Sacks. Your courage to stand against sin and error in all of its forms, and in all of the places where you encounter it, is a constant challenge and encouragement to me. I pray that those relationships which have been strained in recent days will be restored to you fully, and that a great kingdom story of humility and grace will shine through this difficult season of your life.

To the abolitionist community at large, I am forever indebted to your work to “open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of [God’s] law.” (Psa 119:18) This story was written before I encountered abolition; hopefully one day I will get the chance to write something more substantial and relevant to our cause.

To my mother and father, for your enduring faithfulness in raising me according to the nurture and admonition of Christ. To all pastors who have helped me to grow in Christ, despite whatever conflict we may presently have over abolition and the modern reformation at large. Finally, to Ben and Maureen — the friendship that I never wanted ;-), but which has blessed me profoundly through the years.




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